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Diagnosis and treatment of the full range of retinal diseases and injuries, as well as conducting cutting edge clinical research trials



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  • I have been a patient of the Carolina Retina Center for the past seven years. On at least three occasions Dr. Gross, utilizing his outstanding God-given surgical skills and vast experience has saved and preserved the sight in both of my eyes. His ability to quickly diagnose the issues, recommend a solution and convey the information in a manner the patient may understand, allows for the formation of a very comfortable and informed team approach between the doctor and patient. It is difficult to convey the sense of anxiety one faces when the loss of one's eyesight is at stake. It is equally as difficult to convey the sense of confidence one gains when one is being cared for by a doctor as practiced, skilled and kind as Dr. Gross. I will never be able to express sufficient gratitude for the care and the gift of continued eyesight that Dr. Gross has given me. I consider myself beyond fortunate to have found Dr. Gross and to be able to continue to have him in charge of the most precious gift of being able to see all the wonderful things that life has to offer. - J. M
  • Carolina Retina Center is, in my opinion, the go-to practice for those who are looking for retinal specialists. Dr. Gross provides exceptional attention to detail, has good communication skills, outstanding capabilities and the most current knowledge of retinal disease, treatment and care. He is always current with and/or always looking for leading edge technologies that will improve his expertise in the care of improving one’s eyesight. The entire staff is highly skilled, professional and caring. I don’t have first hand knowledge of the other doctors in this practice, but based on my experience with Dr. Gross and staff, I would highly recommend that anyone with retina and or macular issues see this group of highly trained specialists. -M. E., Hartsville, SC
  • Dr. Gross – Very sweet, very nice, warm. Great to talk too Very precise, zeros in on every aspect of my vision. Deeply concerned with my eye sight. Professional Reassuring doctor. Felt at ease in his care. I have high energy, but Dr. Gross was calming. When others couldn’t, Dr. Gross saved my eyesight. Best care I’ve ever received from a physician. Can’t speak highly enough of him. Moved out of the region, but plan on coming back for check-ups. - T. U.
  • My optician referred me to Dr Gross for a condition called macular pucker. My vision over a period of several years had deteriorated with glasses to 20/60 and 20/80 and I could tell it was getting worse. Dr. Gross does not initiate a lot of idle conversation but I learned after a few visits that he is a very skilled retina specialist who is very demanding of perfection in every aspect of his care including that given by his technicians. I especially liked getting a complete set of his medical notes after each visit. They answered all those questions I did not think to ask while I was there. Dr. Gross performed a vitrectomy on each eye. It is a hospital outpatient surgical procedure. I had some initial anxiety; however, there was very little discomfort with the procedure and follow-up. The results were nothing short of miraculous. Now my distant vision does not require glasses and my near vision is almost perfect with glasses. Dr. Gross has restored a quality of life that to me, as a senior, is priceless. -W. C., Irmo, SC

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