Your health insurance plan should cover most of the services and procedures preformed in our office, however, all co-payments and any deductible amounts are to be paid at the time of your visit.

As a courtesy, Carolina Retina Center will assist you with filing all of your insurance claims. If you have any questions, please call our office to be directed to our billing specialist: 803-736-7200

It is important for us to keep you current information updated in our files, so please be sure to bring to insurance card(s) with you to every appointment. This includes your major medical insurance cards and any cards for supplemental medical insurance.

Many health insurance plans require pre-authorization from you primary care physician for you to receive any medical care from our office. You are responsible for getting authorization from your primary care physician.

If you do not obtain the authorization prior to your appointment, your health plan will deny payment for our services and you will be responsible for all the services you receive at our office. Please feel free to call your insurance company’s customer service center if you are unsure if your health plan requires referral pre-authorization.